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25 Event Ideas for Your Senior Living Community

Because 3 just seemed lame...

We all love events but sometimes the idea-well runs a little dry. Not every event needs to be a barn blaster blow-out. From simple and low-key activities to more elaborate and interactive experiences, here are 25 event ideas that cater to the interests and abilities of seniors:

1. Movie Matinee and Popcorn Social

Enjoy a classic movie screening in a comfortable setting, complete with freshly popped popcorn and refreshments. Provide a selection of beloved films from different eras to cater to various tastes.

Estimated cost includes movie licensing fees, popcorn machine rental, movie snacks, and
decorations. Total cost: $200-$500.

2. Garden Tea Party

Host an elegant garden tea party with an assortment of teas, finger sandwiches, and pastries. Set up tables with beautiful tablecloths and flowers for a delightful afternoon of conversation and relaxation.

Estimated cost includes tea selection, catering or DIY food preparation, tablecloths,
flowers, and decorations. Total cost: $300-$600.

3. Trivia Night

Challenge residents' knowledge with a fun trivia night. Create a mix of questions that cover various topics, including pop culture, history, and general knowledge. Offer prizes for the top participants.

Estimated cost includes trivia game supplies, prizes, andrefreshments. Total cost: $100-$300.

4. Craft Workshop: Ceramic Painting

Organize a ceramic painting workshop where residents can unleash their creativity. Provide ceramic pieces, paint, and brushes, allowing participants to create personalized masterpieces they can take home.

Estimated cost includes ceramic pieces, paint, brushes, and workshop supplies. Total cost: $200-$400.

5. Music Appreciation Concert

Invite local musicians or bands to perform a live concert featuring a variety of musical genres, from classical to jazz. Create an inviting atmosphere with comfortable seating and refreshments. Perhaps there is even a local Childrens, or high-school, choir available, which could become a staple for the holidays. That's a win-win!

Estimated cost includes musician fees, sound equipment, seating, and refreshments. Total cost: $500-$1,500.

6. Fitness Walk in the Park

Take residents on a leisurely fitness walk in a nearby park or nature reserve. Enjoy the fresh air, beautiful scenery, and the opportunity for exercise and socialization. It will provide a little diversion from the local scenery.

Estimated cost includes transportation, park entrance fees (if applicable), and water bottles. Total cost: $100-$300.

7. Cooking Demonstration

Bring in a professional chef or culinary expert to conduct a cooking demonstration. Choose a recipe that is both delicious and easy to follow, allowing residents to learn new cooking techniques and sample the final dish.

Estimated cost includes chef fees, ingredients, cooking equipment, and presentation materials. Total cost: $300-$800.

8. Art Therapy Session

Organize an art therapy session where residents can explore their creativity and express themselves through art. Provide a variety of art supplies and guidance to create a relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere.

Estimated cost includes art supplies, facilitator fees, and therapy session materials. Total cost: $200-$500.

9. Bingo Bonanza

Host an exciting bingo night with prizes and surprises. Create themed bingo cards and incorporate fun twists to keep the game engaging and entertaining for everyone.

Estimated cost includes bingo supplies, prizes, and refreshments. Total cost: $100-$300.

10. Storytelling Session

Invite a local storyteller to captivate residents with tales of adventure, folklore, or personal experiences. Create a cozy setting with comfortable seating and dim lighting to enhance the storytelling experience.

Or another twist. It is quite likely several of your residents are quite gifted in the art of storytelling. Allowing them to participate in a "story hour" event may provide some added rumbling in the halls.

Estimated cost includes storyteller fees, seating, and storytelling props. Total cost: $200-$500.

11. Wine Tasting Social

Organize a wine tasting event, featuring a selection of wines from different regions. Provide information about each wine's origin and characteristics, and allow residents to savor and discuss their preferences.

Estimated cost includes wine selection, wine glasses, wine expert fees, and accompanying snacks. Total cost: $300-$800.

12. Senior Olympics

Host a day of friendly competition with various sports and games tailored to accommodate different abilities and mobility levels. Offer medals or certificates to recognize participants' accomplishments.

Estimated cost includes equipment, medals or certificates, and refreshments. Total cost: $200-$500.

13. Technology Workshop: Introduction to Smartphones

Help residents embrace technology by offering a workshop on smartphone basics. Teach them how to use essential apps, navigate social media platforms, and connect with loved ones online.

Estimated cost includes technology instructor fees, workshop materials, and refreshments. Total cost: $200-$400.

14. Fashion Show

Organize a fashion show where residents can showcase their style and elegance. Collaborate with local boutiques or thrift stores to provide a selection of clothing options, and invite residents to model their chosen outfits.

Estimated cost includes clothing options, fashion show runway setup, and refreshments. Total cost: $300-$600.

15. Guided Meditation and Relaxation

Create a serene environment for residents to unwind and destress through guided meditation and relaxation sessions. Use soothing music and gentle instructions to guide participants into a state of calm and tranquility.

Estimated cost includes meditation instructor fees, relaxation materials, and refreshments. Total cost: $200-$400.

16. Scenic Bus Tour

Arrange a scenic bus tour to explore nearby landmarks, parks, or historical sites. Provide insightful commentary and ensure the tour accommodates residents with limited mobility by offering accessible transportation.

Estimated cost includes transportation fees, tour guide, and entrance fees (if applicable). Total cost: $300-$800.

17. Dance Party

Host a lively dance party with a mix of classic and contemporary music. Create a festive atmosphere with decorations, a dance floor, and refreshments to encourage residents to show off their moves.

Estimated cost includes decorations, music, dance floor setup, and refreshments. Total cost: $200-$500.

18. Gardening Club

Establish a gardening club where residents can nurture plants, share gardening tips, and enjoy the beauty of nature together. Provide tools, pots, and soil for participants to create their own mini-gardens.

Estimated cost includes gardening supplies, tools, and club meeting materials. Total cost: $100-$300.

19. Pet Therapy Visit

Arrange a visit from therapy animals, such as dogs or cats, to provide comfort and companionship to residents. Ensure the animals are well-trained and gentle, allowing residents to interact and enjoy their company.

Estimated cost includes pet therapy organization fees, animal handler fees, and refreshments. Total cost: $200-$500.

20. Outdoor Concert

Take advantage of the pleasant weather by organizing an outdoor concert in a courtyard or garden. Invite local musicians or bands to perform a variety of musical genres, creating a joyful and festive ambiance.

Estimated cost includes musician fees, sound equipment, seating, and refreshments. Total cost: $500-$1,500.

21. Story Writing Workshop

Encourage residents to unleash their creativity and share their stories through a writing workshop. Provide writing prompts, guidance, and feedback to help residents craft their narratives and express their unique perspectives.

There are likely several residents that have already thought about writing their life's story and this could be just the catalyst to spark that creativity.

Estimated cost includes writing workshop materials, facilitator fees, and refreshments. Total cost: $200-$400.

22. Photography Exhibition

Encourage residents to showcase their photography skills by organizing a photography exhibition. Display their captured moments in a designated gallery space, allowing them to share their stories through images.

Estimated cost includes exhibition setup, printing, frames, and refreshments. Total cost: $300-$600.

23. Karaoke Night

Host a lively karaoke night where residents can sing their favorite songs and enjoy a fun-filled evening of entertainment. Provide a wide selection of songs and create a supportive atmosphere to encourage participation.

Earplugs available for a fee. :)

Estimated cost includes karaoke machine rental, song selection, and refreshments. Total cost: $100-$300.

24. Cultural Celebration

Celebrate the diversity within the community by organizing a cultural event. Highlight different cultures through music, dance, art, and cuisine, allowing residents to appreciate and learn about each other's traditions.

Perhaps highlighting "City of Birth" as a focal point.

Estimated cost includes cultural event supplies, performers, decorations, and refreshments. Total cost: $300-$800.

25. Outdoor Picnic and Games

Organize an outdoor picnic complete with delicious food, refreshing drinks, and classic outdoor games such as croquet or bocce ball. Set up shaded seating areas and provide options for residents with limited mobility to participate in the games.

Estimated cost includes picnic supplies, game equipment, seating, and refreshments. Total cost: $200-$500.


These 25 event ideas cover a wide range of interests and abilities, ensuring that all residents can find something enjoyable and out of the ordinary. By offering a selection of engaging activities, you can foster a vibrant community where residents thrive and continue to enjoy meaningful connections with one another.

Of course, you don't need to use just one - take several and combine them into a fun evening, weekend, or month-long exhibit with lots of fan-fair and perhaps even a food truck to top it off. :)

I think this goes without saying, but the cost estimates are, well, estimates. Your mileage will, not may, vary. Just sayin.

Shameless plug: for help organizing and tracking events, give us a call. iCare Events Module will help keep track of most of the moving parts and make creating a calendar of exciting and engaging events a snap. If you would like to solicit families, and/or your local businesses, to support events, Donations Express can take the work out of it.


Happy Computing,