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3 Tips to increase Employee Participation

Create some buzz!

Create some buzz!

In hospital cafeterias it may take some out-of-the box thinking to keep your audience engaged and coming back day after day.

While we know that quality food, friendly staff, clean surroundings, and exceptional service are becoming table stakes. It’s the spark of creativity that will give you an edge over the local taco or burger joint.

Blue plates, healthy choices, and blah blah blah … ya, ya,ya -- boring stuff! Let’s add some creative juice!

1. Gamified Loyalty Program:
Consider implementing a gamified loyalty program where employees earn points for each cashless transaction made in the cafeteria in a given time window. Give higher points for different weeks, for example. These points can then be redeemed for exclusive perks, such as priority access to new
menu items, free meals, or even entry into raffles for unique prizes.

By adding an element of competition and reward, employees are incentivized to engage more with the cafeteria, leading to increased and a sense of community. This approach leverages the cashless
system to create a unique and engaging experience for employees.

Remember the 100-cookie idea? This would be a great perk for which to redeem those points!

2. Theme-Based Culinary Events:
Organize theme-based culinary events in the cafeteria to create a buzz and drive participation. For example, host international food festivals featuring diverse cuisines, or organize cooking receipe showcase where employees can submit to showcase their culinary skills. These events not only add
excitement to the dining experience but also foster a sense of cultural appreciation and community within the workplace. By leveraging your cashless management system, employees can easily participate in these events and make transactions seamless, enhancing their overall cafeteria experience.

Or could even offer a snak-kart that strolls the halls occasionally with lots of great one-time snacks. NOT pre-announced, just happens every so often and is available for cashless-purchase, or once your patrons have built up points balances, a points-only, purchase. Toss in some ballons or gizmo sounds and you’re a hit in the halls.

3. Interactive Feedback Mechanism:

Implement an interactive feedback mechanism through your self-service kiosk or the web portal, allowing employees to provide real-time feedback on the cafeteria experience. This can include rating the quality of meals, suggesting new menu items, or expressing preferences for specific
dietary requirements. By actively involving employees in shaping the cafeteria offerings, it creates a sense of ownership and empowerment, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, utilizing your cashless system, employees can feel more connected to the cafeteria experience and have a direct impact on its offerings.

Be prepared on this suggestion, however, as you will be receiving live feedback. See the title paragraph above for those table-stakes items. BUT, once you get that right, this can be a nice punch in the arm for some enhanced sales opportunities.

Bonus Item: Cookie and coffee stroll. Bake a few sheets ofcookies, load up a pot or two of coffee and stroll the isles and GIVE these items to anyone that inquires. “We’re remindingfolks that we would love to have you join us for lunch sometime.” You will be the buzz!

Just a few creative and engaging strategies you can employto enhance employee participation and create a vibrant dining environment that goes beyond the ordinary. It’s all aboutthe buzz. To coin Seth Godin, keep make a ruckus!

Happy computing,