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4 Reasons Cloud Based Point of Sale Makes Sense

Simple Guide to a Few Thoughts
4 Reasons Cloud Point of Sale Makes Sense
The tide is shifting and new players in the POS space are entering the scene every week.  I should also point out that they are exiting the scene at the same pace.  Despite the simple facade we observe on the screen, there is a lot of science that goes into a well-crafted POS system.  The long-time runners, MICROS, NCR, Digital Dining, Comtrex, Sharp and other names that we have seen over the past several decades have invested millions in the underlying technology.  Many folks entering the POS market over the past several years simply lack the knowledge to provide a featured, and secure, platform.
Cloud-based solutions have their place and I believe that the POS is an outstanding platform to migrate.  If you are still self-hosting, hopefully, this post will give you some insight and raise a few ponder points.  
Easily Connect a Wealth of Devices
With the explosion of mobile devices, phones, and tablets, these devices are seeing adoption in POS systems at a staggering rate.  And it's more than fluff, they are proving quite useful.  Phone based, table side, ordering is incredibly useful if the User Interface is properly designed.  More about useful technology in a later post.
Easily Access Your Information Anywhere
Authorizations on special operations from the comfort of your easy chair.  The latest sales numbers on your commute home (not while driving, of course).  We have become used to having status updates from Uncle Billy about his latest Bass fishing adventure and why not know the status of our operation just as quickly.  While it is possible to make this happen without Cloud technology, the Cloud brings a wealth of resources to the table, I mean armchair.  
Get The Needed Updates Every Time
POS companies spend a lot of time generating updates and patches for their products.  With self-hosted systems, those that are installed directly on your property, these new updates will require special effort to install.  Often requiring a technician to visit, which of course, means cost. Even if it were possible, think of how long it would take to perform this upgrade for every client.  
At my previous employer, there was no way every client would be updated with the latest software, ever; despite the fact that every client paid to be on the latest software with their annual maintenance agreement.  The law of physics just doesn't allow this to happen.  
In the Cloud based POS system, the software gets pushed to the cloud and immediately, well perhaps not immediately but within minutes, each system is busy updating.  Everyone gets the update at the same time and you are using the new feature the following morning.  Now that's amazing!
Cost of Ownership is Lower
With premises-based, self-hosted, systems, you purchase the hardware, the software, installation and training and then ongoing maintenance.  This typically adds up to several thousand per terminal, sometimes tens of thousands, depending on the peripherals you attach.   The result, one huge up-front cash outlay.  
Cloud options are typically subscription based.  This translates into smaller monthly payments that can typically be funded out of savings; savings realized by using an advanced POS system.   If the system is right-sized and right-valued, you will indeed be earning savings on your investment.  No giant outlay.  There will likely be some upfront costs for hardware and possibly installation and training, but likely a fraction of the self-hosted, on-premises, solution.
So, there you have 4 reasons Cloud POS makes sense.
Do you agree or disagree?   I welcome your thoughts!
-written by Wolf Scott, founding partner at Newcare International