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Environmental Monitoring - Some thoughts

8 things to consider.

Are you considering implementing environmental monitoring for your facility? Newcare is here to guide you through the process every step of the way. Our client services team is dedicated to making the implementation as seamless as possible.

While every facility is different, there are many commonalities and we’ve distilled this list into something manageable.

Remember, we’re here to hep you along this journey – it’s not just a destination!

Here's a quick checklist of the top 8 things to consider when beginning to implement environmental monitoring - but, you are NOT alone on this journey!

1. Assess Your Needs:

Determine the specific environmental conditions you need to monitor, such as temperature, humidity, air quality, or equipment status. Understanding your requirements will help tailor the monitoring solution to your exact needs.

2. Identify Critical Areas:

Identify the critical areas and equipment within your facility that require monitoring. This could include server rooms, storage areas, laboratories, kitchens, clinics, or any other sensitive spaces.

You can start small and grow. Once the basic infrastructure is in place, expanding is quite easy.

3. Select the Right Sensors:

Choose the appropriate sensors for each environmental situation to be monitored. Newcare offers a range of reliable sensors to suit your specific monitoring needs. In fact, with over 80 sensors in our lineup, I’m pretty sure we’ve got you covered.

But, in reality, this is likely a step that we’ll do together as we discover the “what” you wish to monitor.

4. Plan Sensor Placement:

Strategically plan the placement of sensors to ensure comprehensive coverage of the areas and equipment being monitored. Newcare can provide expert guidance on optimal sensor placement.

5. Consider Connectivity:

While this is another activity we will likely do together, we evaluate the connectivity options for the sensors to ensure seamless communication. Newcare's system offers flexible connectivity options to suit your facility's infrastructure. Our gateway even survives communications outages while still collecting data – ya, way kewl!

6. Configure Alert Thresholds:

Set up alert thresholds for each environmental parameter to receive timely notifications when conditions deviate from the desired range. Newcare's platform allows for customizable alert configurations. Sometimes you care, sometimes you don’t - we’ll figure it out!

7. Utilize Real-Time Dashboards:

Take advantage of real-time dashboards to visualize and analyze the sensor data at the touch of a button. Newcare provides intuitive dashboards for easy access to real-time environmental statistics.

8. Training and Support:

Ensure that your staff is trained on using the environmental monitoring system effectively. Newcare offers comprehensive training and ongoing support to maximize the benefits of the monitoring solution. But, in reality, quite a bit of this solution just works in the background – never calls in sick, always active, and doing the job.

With Newcare's support and expertise, implementing environmental monitoring for your facility can operate smooth and efficiently. Our client services team is committed to providing the assistance you need at every stage of the implementation.

Reach out today - let's start a conversation.

Happy Computing,