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Hospital Cashless & Payroll Deduction Series - Part 2

Honey, the family is coming for dinner

Hospital Cashless and payroll deduction IS a great idea and if your organization has not yet embraced this service, you may wish to give this solution some serious consideration.  Likewise, if you are unhappy with your current solution or provider, there are options.  We're happy to help answer any questions you may have.

1) You have a reasonably captive audience 

In part one we indicated we have a captive audience.  While this is technically the case, you have the opportunity to make this a fantastic success or a historic disaster with each visit. 

Since your patrons are like family, each interaction should be memorable and at the minimum predicable.  It would be great to wow with each encounter, but we can leave those stellar moments for the special events that you should build into your service offerings.

Just like enjoying your favorite ice cream, predictable is NOT a bad thing – in fact, it’s a GREAT thing.  You have expectations when you go to your favorite restaurant and order your long-time standing favorite. This is NOT the time for the chef to try new renditions of this dish.  You came to enjoy your meal because you enjoyed it before and this experience is predictable and comforting.  Similarly, your patrons have their staples.  DO NOT change your staples.  

If you feel creative, add a spicy variation, a Hindi variation, a South Asian variation, but do NOT change any staple for which you have established a following – can you say “new coke”?

Add events to your calendar.  Add a “Big Hat Day”, a “Funny Glasses Day”, anything that can offer the opportunity to throw some color to your entrance and ADD some color!  Promote this day and make it a big deal.  Your patrons are not expecting flair or odd things in their space and you have the opportunity to change the game and make the event memorable.

Events are special when they are, well, special; this means you cannot have a special every week.  It is my opinion that events can be every 6 or 9, or even 12 weeks apart. NOT the first of every month, or in line with other holidays – those are expected and we’re are seeking the unexpected.  The WOW factor to keep the family happy, entertained, and most importantly, coming back for their favorite staples and comfort foods.

Add ONE special item with each event and the DO NOT repeat that item – make it super great, even if it’s a loss-leader and your family will be begging for that item to reappear on the menu – chatter is the name of this game.

Having family over for dinner means making the event predicable – but always with a smile, friendly greeting, and energy.  They WILL remember it.

Till then, let's create smiles, one meal at a time.

Written by Wolf Scott

Founder, Newcare International