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Service Revenue Capture

Turn those billable service tickets into revenue

Constant Change

In our dynamic environment of senior living communities, maintaining efficiency and organization is paramount. This holds true whether you're a small community or a large provider. Managing work orders and help desk requests can often be a challenging task.

But what if there was a way to simplify this process, save time, and even capture additional revenue? Enter iCare, a tiered help desk and work order application designed specifically for senior living communities.

Effortless Revenue Capture

One of the most significant challenges in managing a senior living community is keeping costs under control. With iCare, you can easily identify and capture add-on services, a crucial avenue for revenue. Without iCare, tracking these additional services can be burdensome and time-consuming.

With iCare, it's as simple as checking a box. Once the ticket is completed, the charge is automatically posted to the resident's account, making revenue capture a breeze.

Transparent Communication

iCare doesn't just streamline work orders; it also enhances communication. All documentation about the ticket is captured, keeping both staff and residents informed. Residents can even track their work orders through their resident portal, iCare Connect. This transparency fosters trust and ensures everyone is on the same page.

The iCare team thinks that a feature that requires no added effort to hold a positive impact on the communities’ ability to serve. After all, when the action is “baked-in” onto regular operations, it makes it a no-brainer. That’s a win!

Efficient Task Management

For staff, iCare is a game-changer. The iCare Teams application allows staff to view their currently assigned tasks on their mobile device. They can easily see what needs to be done, update specifics, including time and materials, and complete the ticket when all the work is finished. This efficient task management system saves time and reduces the risk of overlooked tasks.

There is also a bonus built into iCare Teams; staff can check their purchase history and even see the receipt. Another “baked-in” win.

Dashboard Smashboard

The iCare dashboard makes light work of keeping track of outstanding tasks. It provides a clear overview of all work orders, making it easy to manage and prioritize tasks. Know what is left to do, and who needs to do it.

Special Requests and Requirements

iCare also caters to the unique needs of residents. Specific information in the resident's account can help identify special requests or requirements.

For example, service staff can be notified if a resident has special medical equipment that mandates no power-shutoff.

This feature ensures that all residents' needs are met and that no important details are overlooked.

The Bottom Line

iCare Work Orders is more than just a tool; it's a solution that helps teams serve their residents more effectively. By capturing billable jobs, it helps contain the ever-mounting costs of running service departments and even helps capture those lost revenue dollars.

With iCare, managing your senior living community becomes a streamlined, efficient process that benefits both the community and the residents.

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