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10 Ideas to increase your hospital cafeteria sales

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Welcome to another of our tips posts.

Here are 10 ideas for a hospital cafeteria to generate higher ticket values at checkout, and who couldn't use a little extra value. Your patrons will also enjoy a wider range of options so you win twice.

Feel free to contact your iCare Concierge agent for assistance with any of these items, but even if you are not an iCare member, I think these tips will provide some useful information.

Bundle Meals with High-Margin Add-ons:

- Idea: Create bundled meal options that include high-margin add-ons like premium beverages, snacks, or desserts.

- Merchandising: Clearly display bundled options with enticing visuals and savings messages to encourage customers to opt for the value-added packages. Digital signage is your friend here.

Integrate a Cashless Loyalty Program:

- Idea: Implement a cashless loyalty program that rewards customers for repeat purchases. Offer discounts, free items, or exclusive access to special promotions.

- Merchandising: Prominently promote the loyalty program at checkout and use appealing visuals to showcase the benefits of membership.

Promote Daily Specials and Combos:

- Idea: Feature daily specials and combo deals that offer a bundled meal at a discounted rate compared to individual items. Some properties have also promoted to outside businesses to attract patrons.

- Merchandising: Use digital displays or strategically placed signage to highlight the daily specials and encourage impulse purchases. For outside, or perhaps even internal patrons, offer a daily or weekly emal blast of menu choices. (contact your iCare concierge agent for help)

Offer Health-Conscious Snacking Options:

- Idea: Introduce a selection of health-conscious, high-margin snacks and beverages to appeal to customers seeking nutritious options.

- Merchandising: Use attractive displays and signage to showcase these options as a convenient and guilt-free choice.

Implement Cashless Mobile Ordering:

- Idea: Integrate a cashless mobile ordering system, allowing customers to place orders in advance and pick them up without waiting in line.

- Merchandising: Promote the convenience of mobile ordering through signage and digital channels to encourage adoption.

Create Upselling Opportunities:

- Idea: Train staff to suggest complementary or upgraded items during the ordering process, such as premium toppings or larger portions.

- Merchandising: Develop visually appealing upsell prompts at the checkout counter and incorporate them into the ordering process.

Incorporate Limited-Time Offers:

- Idea: Introduce limited-time offers on high-margin items, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging customers to try new products.

- Merchandising: Use eye-catching signage and digital displays to promote the exclusivity and time-sensitive nature of the offers. (DisplayDog can help)

Facilitate Quick Grab-and-Go Combos:

- Idea: Create pre-packaged grab-and-go combos that include a main course, side, and beverage for customers seeking a quick meal.

- Merchandising: Place these combos in easily accessible locations with clear labeling to attract customers on the go.

Host Theme Lunches or Events:

- Idea: Organize themed dining events or even theme nights, offering specialty menus or exclusive items to attract a larger audience.

- Merchandising: Use promotional materials and social media to create anticipation for upcoming events and showcase featured items, such as tasty snacks. This is also a great time to trial speciality meal options in a limited and controlled way.

Implement a Cashless Vending Machine:

- Idea: Install a cashless vending machine stocked with high-margin snacks, beverages, and convenience items for customers during non-operational hours.

- Merchandising: Place the vending machine in a high-traffic area and use signage to promote its convenience and product offerings.

Prioritize testing and analyzing the success of each idea to determine which strategies resonate most with your customer base. Tailor your approach based on feedback and evolving customer preferences to continually enhance the value offered at checkout.

It's about trying things and analyzing the effectiveness with your audience. Some of these tips will be huge successes, some perhaps, not so much. Bottom line, TRY THINGS - keep your space fresh and inviting!

And remember, we're here to help - drop us a note.

Happy Computing