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Cashless purchasing at your organization

The cost of the transaction

Cashless is the rage - it's fast and convenient for the client.
The question I pose is to you is how convent is it for YOU?
As we both know, there are several factors that come into play here.

- The cost of the transaction
- The value of the transaction

Cost and value. Ah, those amazing two words that ring in our ears.

The COST is what it costs YOU to broker the transaction. Increase the number of transactions and you benefit from higher volumes. Increase the value and you win with higher ticket prices. This “can” be a win if you can leverage the higher ticket items, but that’s another discussion.

The bottom line in cashless transactions is to reduce the transaction/broker fees. This means having a vehicle that allows you to NOT have commissions or transaction fees tied to each transaction.

How can you do this?

Make sure that this is a conversation you have with your POS provider so they provide
a solution with NO transaction fees. How kewl, eh? Is that even possible?
Yes, NO transaction fees are possible and there are several vendors out there that
provide a no-transaction-fee solution.

- Common CENTS Solutions
- MM Hayes
- Newcare International (that’s us) : -)

And ya, we’re that confident that our solution is leaps better than the competition
that we’re listing them here – crazy, right!

Drop us a note and let’s explore how we can help!

Happy computing