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Integration with Display Dog

Digital Signage

April 15,2020 - Product Announcement


Display Dog allows the display of just about any information on any digital display. Created to make it easy to use technology to communicate. Display Dog is easy to setup and just works.

We have live integrations with our Micros POS Menu Board, and now real-time news and events. These items are easily edited right in your iCare editor and pushed out live. If you have daily menus, they show up automatically on your menu board, but now, when the cafe closes, you can show pictures, or news, instead of showing a menu for a closed station. kewl, right?

The schedule allows quite a few other options as well, so let's explore if you have any specific ideas on how to leverage that huge communication board over your cafe line...

If you are seeking an integrated solution, well, this appears to be it and it just works --

Give us a call to chat about getting this setup with your iCare installation or if you don't have iCare, we're happy to chat about how to leverage Display Dog directly. (or perhaps, iCare can be in your future)

Happy Computing.

by Wolf Scott

Founder, Newcare International