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Sometimes the road isn't evident


The key thing to keep in mind when the road isn't clear or evident is to focus on the markers we do know. When driving in fog, we look for the road lines, the reflectors, and other indicators that we are still on the road. Of course we slow down, and we become focused.

In troubled times I feel we should follow our learned patterns of paying attention to the signs and markers, but additionally, we should evaluate our situation with a little different perspective.

Take inventory of what IS, and refrain from the speculating of what COULD BE in regard to the negative ramifications that could befall us. As the saying goes, things rarely become as bad as we imagine they could be.


Since we now have some time on our hands, it's a perfect time to circle back around and fix some things that we put off for that "someday". But caution is in the wind with how we look at our future and it is tempting to think that things will be the way they have been and it is my suggestion to consider that this is a world-changing event and things will never likely go back to "how they were". Hopefully we will emerge more vigilant and prepared for the next event; some, however, will emerge battle-scared and a little tattered and those are folks we can reach out to help along the recovery journey.

Fixing is usually left for those down-times -- well, we have some down-time, let's fix the gaps.


This isn't the first global crisis that hit our planet and it for sure won't be the last. If I have realized anything during this time is that our planet has become quite small and interconnected. What used to take years, as we have seen now takes weeks. But, this is a great thing as this opens up the world of opportunity for those with the vision to cast solutions upon the waters.

The future will be different than the past, but that is always a true statement - it is what makes the future an exciting place to look forward to. Once we begin to fear the future we are destined to dwell in the past and my friends, I would urge you to not get trapped there. The future is bright with opportunity and challenge. It is these components that make this thing we call Life worth living.

Let's change our future and mold it into the place we want to live - we have a little time to think of some possibilities...

by Wolf Scott

Founder, Newcare International