• Cashless Management Solution

    Making it easy for your clients to buy from you

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    The Basics

    iCare connects directly with your point-of-sale system to streamline the transaction activity. Transactions are approved or denied easily and quickly.


    Use your existing badge or fob to make cashless (contactless) purchases at any POS or vending location throughout your enterprise. Whether you have a single location or 1000 worldwide, manage your system from a single point from anywhere in the world. Direct integration with your POS: We can even email or text receipts in real-time to save trees. Ya, that's progress! 


    No transaction fee - keep all the revenue. Consider the following:

    • Payroll Deduction
    • Meal Plans
    • Debit Accounts
    • Gift Cards
    • Department Charges
    • Coupons
    • more... 
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    Micros/Oracle Spoken Here

    Micros/Oracle POS is one of the most flexible POS on the market. If you have an existing Micros installation, it is quite possible we can install (or replace) your new iCare solution with minimal effort. Give us a call to chat about the options.

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    Your choice of POS

    Whether you choose Micros/Oracle suite of POS products, iPOS, Digital Dining, Aloha, NCR, SpotOn, or any other POS we support, the operations remain streamlined and simple.


    If you have multiple locations, changing your infrastructure is a major pain. iCare makes it easy to grow into your new solution. Mix and match POS by location or even within a location.


    We make it easy to connect to your data!