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    Online Pre-Ordering for School Meals With a Smile

    mySchool Cafe is different in that we connect the student meal order process with on-site activity, including production scheduling, POS Integration, and even daily teacher summaries, so no students are left standing without lunch, starting as low as $2.50/student per year.


    The kitchen staff knows EXACTLY what to make each morning, right down to the condiments AND WHEN to make it.


    Cloud technology to put you back in control of your school meal program. Whether you cook/prep your meals or connect to outside catering or restaurants, mySchool Cafe helps put control back into your meal program and helps your team keep smiling.


    We want to be your partner to help ensure smiles on your student's faces, that parents come to the PTA meetings raving about how wonderful your food service operation is running, and the delight of your staff that all this is possible while keeping the smiles flowing to those happy little faces eagerly awaiting the goodness your team is preparing them. After all, this is about providing our students with quality, nutritious meals with massive encouragement to help them face our ever-demanding world.


    May God richly bless you and your teams as you deliver your smiles!

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    Recent Postcard

    mySchool Café postcard

    We sent postcards out to select schools across the USA. If you didn't get one, drop us a note, and we will get one out promptly.

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    Easy management

    mySchool Café makes management easy

    Keeping tabs on student meal activity is easy. mySchool makes seeing active and inactive meal-program students as simple as clicking a button. No guessing, the information is right at your fingertips.

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    Linking students is easy

    mySchool Café parent setup

    When a parent registers with your school via the portal, one of the first things they do is link their student. The portal asks for their student's ID and DOB to connect them with the parents' account. This is a one-time configuration, and mySchool Cafe also remembers this in future years.


    All students linked to a parent account leverage the SAME funding balance. This means no shuffling funds between students throughout the month and keeps the number of reloading transactions to a minimum. Bottom line? Fewer fees, more profit - nice!

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    Automatic student account funding

    mySchool Café on autopilot

    As meal orders are received and the low-balance threshold is crossed, mySchool Cafe will automatically reload the account with a parent pre-approved reload amount. A single balance is maintained and shared among all students linked to the parent's account, keeping the number of reloading transactions (and thus your fees) to a minimum; maximizing your student meal options.

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    Real-Time, real fast

    mySchool Café portal gives up the data

    mySchool Cafe provides information in real-time, and that means really fast and not a day from now. Parents get the detail quickly to keep the meals and the budget on track. Receipts are available directly in the Portal. Having this detail instantly available on the Portal means fewer support calls to the school office and happier parents. That's a win, I think. Funding and reload transactions are also shown right here in the Portal. Easy peasy!

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    Advanced ordering

    Advanced ordering so you are always in the know

    mySchool Cafe simplifies the monthly meal calendar creation for the cafe manager and parent ordering. The full calendar is available directly on the Portal for easy printing or just review. The cafe staff can also reference the calendar and receive a daily production summary of advanced orders to know exactly what to prepare. mySchool Cafe even knows your portion sizes and keeps all the details, including pricing, with your pre-k and upper-grade meals. Ya, you can say it-- wow!


    Parents place orders from the posted calendars, ensuring consistent orders. Controlling the calendar helps ensure your inventory is available to meet the demand and reduce waste. You knew this had to exist, right?

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    Integrated or stand-alone

    mySchool Café likes to talk

    mySchool Cafe has many things that it can do, and talking is one of its favorites.


    One example is that mySchool Cafe has a direct interface to the Micros/Oracle line of POS products to perform some pretty amazing things; instant student order retrieval to be one of those feats. As a student comes through the line, their order is hydrated, and now changes can easily be made. Parents often reward students with allowing meal drink selections or even adding on a snack item when their chores are all done at home when they go through the school lunch line. Ya, we try to think of everything. Parents and other mySchool Cafe users have helped forge mySchool Cafe - come and join the fun!


    NOTE: Now, with our covid-19 environment, mySchool cafe makes it easy to identify delivery locations for meals and even allows you to adjust those locations by day of the week OR make a quick change when rain is detected, requiring a quick shift in meal delivery destinations. Ya, we agree - that's Kewl!


    (Oh, mySchool Cafe identifies where these meals are to be delivered, in case that wasn't clear)

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    To stay or go? Why not choose both?

    mySchool Café talks iPos Cafe

    Since mySchool Cafe likes to talk, let the conversations flow. iPOS Cafe can sit at the end of your tray line mounted to the counter or in your pocket on your mobile phone or tablet; you are the star of this show so wherever you are on whatever device you have. Oh, and if we ask just right and set the right switch, iPOS can also post its transactions to an available Oracle/Micros System, making iPOS a true team player. Why not, right?


    Options are the name of this game, and we just added a few more to the lineup. Book/Reader sales, Event sales, or keep it simple and just manage your meal operations. The bottom line is whatever it takes to make your operation smooth and make transactions happen with a smile.


    After all, together, we make smiles happen, one meal at a time!

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    mySchool BASIC

    Basic School Lunch

    Pre-Order Solution


    per student/per school year

    Parent Portal

    Meal Calendar

    Production Summary

    Daily Student Tickets


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    mySchool PRO

    Complete School Lunch

    Management Solution


    per student/per school year

    Everything in the basic plus:


    Student File Import

    Teacher Summaries

    News & Announcements

    Automatic Credit Card Reloads

    iPOS Integration


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    mySchool Enterprise

    For School Systems

    More Information

    Manage your entire school system under a single umbrella. Integration with your student management system and more...

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