• Work Order Management

    Putting the Order in Work

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    Ticket Overview

    Quick view of work in progress

    At a glance, see what work is in progress. Use the links to navigate to the details quickly. This screen is great for monitoring case movement through the system and getting a sense of work distributions.

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    Release the Wizard

    Easy to use, no training required; just answer questions

    Even an expert appreciates making their job easier. The wizard walks any user step by step through the process of creating a new ticket. The steps are easily customized to ensure you are capturing the details important for the current ticket type. Housekeeping may have different needs than landscaping, for example.

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    Ticket Listings Abound

    One glance work overview

    We all have different ways we like to group our information. Get the view that works for the task you are performing, and don't let the computer get in the way. Group, sort, filter, all with a few simple clicks. Different views of your information make seeing what's going on a snap.