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    • NO-Fee Cashless Payments, Inhouse Charges, Meal Plans, Payroll Deduction, and Gift Cards  
    • Point of Sale
    • Help Desk/Work Order/Concierge Desk Management
    • Donation Management
    • Digital Signage (trending)
    • Resident/Employee Portal
    • Certifications & Training Management
    • Catering & Events
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Asset Tracking

    Start with any module.


    BONUS: All these modules integrate - the whole truly is stronger than the individual parts.


    Please don't hesitate to reach out today. 2024 is half over, and we look forward to discussing how we can assist you in reaching your goals before 2024 is complete.


    Are you interested in partnering and/or integrating with us to expand your product offerings? Are you an Oracle/Micros partner? We would love to chat.


    What do you have to lose? Call or email today!

    info@newcare.io or Phone 423.347.3100


    "Caring today for a better tomorrow."

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    Why Bother?

    The end is more than a destination...

    Emailing spreadsheets is not document management. :)


    We wanted more from our daily interactions. Life is short, and our jobs should be rewarding and fulfilling. We started Newcare for that very purpose. Our core team has lived through the myopic board-room execs seeking to eek and squeak out ever-growing profits from the very clients that helped them grow and rewarded them with mounting fees and waning service year over year without any increase in value. We do not feel that this is a sound and sustainable business practice.


    We make business sense. Not a fairyland; we all know profits are a requirement for a healthy organization. They help us grow our teams and service base to serve our clients better.Having the lowest prices are rarely a bargain as they leave the servicing organization unable to provide quality products or support. However, fair pricing is a value on both sides of the table, and value is the accurate measure. This is part of our no-baloney mindset.


    We care; about your business and your clients. We are committed to providing exceptional support and solutions designed to generate an ROI and empower you to serve your clients better.


    We are committed professionals teamed towards a common goal: Better service for the people and systems under our care.


    We believe in caring so much we put it in our name and look forward to serving you. Call us today, and let's chat about your frustrations and challenges - I'm pretty sure we have some insight that can help, but before we speak, we listen.


    We have several solutions to solve business difficulties. Still, selling products is not what motivates us -- we are motivated by helping you solve your operational challenges - we call it solutions with heart!

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    Donations Express

    Donation management integrated

    Donation management integrated with iCare creates a central place to manage your donations.

    • Senior Living: Elevate ongoing fundraising campaigns to support the vibrant community within senior living facilities. With our platform, you can create a seamless giving experience that fosters a sense of unity and support among residents and their families.
    • Hospitals: From vital fundraisers to special drives and innovative development campaigns, our platform provides the tools to rally support for crucial healthcare initiatives, ensuring that hospitals can continue to provide exceptional care to their communities.
    • Schools: Whether it's for special occasions, band and athletic needs, or other essential resources, our platform empowers schools to raise funds efficiently and effectively, enriching the educational experience for students and faculty alike.
    • Churches: Fuel missionary endeavors, host unforgettable special events, embark on transformative building projects, and gather general contributions with ease. Our platform helps churches cultivate a culture of generosity and purposeful giving.


    email: info@newcare.io

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    iCare Connect Portal

    Residents, Employees, and More ...

    Real-time portal access for your residents and team.


    Your communities have many activities and events happening and getting the word out can be a challenge. Let iCare Connect help.


    Communication is at the heart of human interaction. Leverage technology to help and let iCare Connect make your team look like communication gurus.


    We are eager to help your team integrate technology. In the process, your team gains extra time and less stress in their days - that's a triple win!


    Technology is at its best when it's invisible - iCare Connect - your partner!

    • Spend activity w/receipts
    • Work order status
    • News and announcements
    • Calendar of events w/transportation, clubs, and more
    • Restaurant menu Information
    • Meal ordering
    • Historical meal nutrient analysis
    • In-room sensor status
    • Onsite common area camera monitoring
    • More coming ...

    email: info@newcare.io

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    Fast & Easy and NO TRANSACTION FEE Cashless Payments

    No fee means you keep all the money and truly make small payments palatable.


    Use your existing badge or fob to make cashless (contactless) purchases at any POS or vending location throughout your enterprise. Whether you have a single location or 1000 worldwide, manage your system from a single point from anywhere in the world. Direct integration with your POS; We can even email or text receipts in real-time to save trees. Ya, that's progress!


    Easy integrations with your existing infrastructure mean this is a hands-off operation.

    • Payroll Deduction
    • Meal Plans
    • Debit Accounts
    • Gift Cards
    • Department Charges
    • more...

    Any badging technology supported and even facial recognition if cards and fobs aren't your cup of tea, and/or use your smart device with iCare Mobile.


    Deploy once, serve the locations you need

    • Single location
    • Multiple locations
    • Enterprise-wide

    Mix and match POS technologies to speed system-wide implementation. Leverage your existing POS investment. If you have several sites, changing POS at every location to support your cashless initiative may not be the best route toward a speedy implementation. However, the goal is a single management point for your cashless environments - We have you covered.


    Direct integration with Micros/Oracle POS and other POS platforms and direct data exchange with Payroll, Time Keeping, and Accounting Solutions.


    While Micros/Oracle remains one of the fastest and most featured POS solutions on the market, with Oracle's power and security to back up your buying decision, there are many other options, and we look forward to exploring your challenges.


    Click here to email us.

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    Cloud-Based Environmental Monitoring (IoT)

    Sometimes You Need a Little Help From a Sensor Friend

    Ever get a feeling that something is wrong and come in the next day only to discover that your walk-in freezer turned into a sauna sometime in the middle of the night? Do we have a water leak? Is our generator online and operational? Are our common areas within temp and humidity specifications? How great would it be to see a history of these readings?


    We can help with all the above WITHOUT having someone drive onsite to check. Monitor the temperature, water, smoke, occupancy, wandering, and more. If you have something you would like monitored, chances are pretty good we have a sensor for it. Contact us, and let's chat.


    Sensing for In-Room, common areas, kitchens, and much more. Over 80 sensor types - we have you covered!


    A few ideas:

    • Know your temperatures are within the required range; even food temps
    • Track utilities, access, and events in vacant dwellings and construction zones
    • Detect water leaks before real damage occurs
    • Know when restricted areas are accessed
    • Monitor refrigerators and freezers
    • HVAC Monitoring unit performance
    • Know when generators are running
    • Parking and driveway sensors to know the travel bus is back
    • The waiting room and hallway capacity tracking

    We help put some peace of mind back in your evenings and weekends. You do remember what those are, right?


    Now Over 80 Sensor Types are Available - Click here to email us.

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    Help Desk, Work Order & Housekeeping

    Helping the Helpers!

    Spreadsheets, Text Messages, and sticky notes make for poor tracking systems.


    IT, Housekeeping, Grounds & Maintenance, and Marketing 


    iCare Work Orders makes light work of creating and tracking resident service requests, housekeeping chores, and helpdesk requests.


    Track work progress, comments, and tasks, and even automatically post any charges from services or material directly to Resident accounts. All changes to the work order are also tracked. Assignments are emailed to the responsible employee, and the mobile app can be used to view, update, and complete work orders in real time.


    There is even a Ticket Wizard that helps to easily create a new ticket by walking through the required fields. Then, like magic, it creates the ticket and notifies those that need/want to be notified, and Bob's your uncle, as they say.


    Marketing can leverage work orders to ensure things are on track and monitor the status of requests submitted for go-lives, open houses, or site visits. Ever had an issue during a pre-prospect walk-through and no one to tell?


    All integrated and working together with the iCare Suite -- Magical? Indeed!

    Click here to email us.

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    Point of Sale the Fast & Friendly Way

    The Key is Powerfully Simple

    We understand your business, know POS and care about your success. The right technology, suitable configuration, and proper training and support are pivotal to serving those under our care. Whether you need a simple kiosk terminal or a full-on POS with Inventory, Kitchen Production, and Online Ordering, we have you covered.


    We are authorized partners with several POS solution providers. Micros/Oracle POS is one of the strongest POS platforms, but many other capable offerings have emerged over the years, and we have many interfaces. Your enterprise often has several flavors of POS, and changing all at once is unrealistic. Here are a few of your options. Call us to explore a suitable rollout plan to meet your needs.

    • Active Golf GEN
    • Aireus
    • Aloha
    • BevoPOS Benseron
    • Digital Dining
    • EasiPOS
    • HARMS Millennium
    • HSI
    • LingaPOS
    • MobileBytes
    • Newcare International iPOS
    • Oracle/Micros POS (2700/e7/3700/4700/8700/9700/Simphony)
    • PARS
    • Pixel Point
    • Posera Maitre’D
    • POSitouch
    • Prosalon
    • RetailPro
    • Sable
    • Sharp 5700
    • Silverware Classic
    • SpaSoft
    • System3
    • SzenCorp Szen18
    • Tee-On Golf Systems

    Let's chat if you have an existing POS and wish to explore leveraging your current investment without a complete POS replacement. We know interfaces and communications; your solution is just around the corner.


    We have over three decades of experience helping teams succeed. Click here to email us.

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    Digital Signage - Information Anywhere

    Signs, signs, everywhere a sign - digital ones, that is

    DisplayDog is your innovative SaaS application designed to revolutionize the way you manage digital signage. With its user-friendly interface, it's never been easier to take the reins of your digital assets. DisplayDog not only simplifies the administration process but also dramatically reduces upfront hardware costs. Our promise to you is a quick, seamless online setup, providing you complete control over your digital assets within mere hours.


    Picture this: Be it a bustling restaurant menu board, an interactive kiosk, or a dynamic announcement board, you can now place a large monitor or TV anywhere, and command it effortlessly from a central location. Envision showcasing your latest promotional video, a captivating picture album, a real-time overview of your help-desk ticket status, an inspection war board, or even a housekeeping progress board – the possibilities with DisplayDog are endless.


    The best part? If you own a smart TV, there's zero additional hardware necessary. For those without a smart resource, a small controller board is all you need to transform any TV or monitor into your personalized information center. Breathe new life into those retiring monitors and repurpose them to serve your digital needs. It's like free information everywhere -- how cool is that?


    Welcome to the future of digital management. Welcome to DisplayDog..


    We call it DisplayDog, and you should contact us.

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    Take The Stress Out of Managing School Meals

    More details are under the PRODUCTS menu option above.


    mySchool Cafe is a robust solution for managing school meals. Starting with dietary crafting, the meal calendar, and parents' pre-ordering based on those calendars.


    Special days, no problem - Chick-fil-A day, no problem; no school, no problem. Production summaries and details give you a clear picture of what the day will require. Even cutoff times prevent orders from arriving after production has begun.


    MySchool Cafe provides a parent portal for managing student meals. Publish your meal calendars for a month or a year, and mySchool will allow the parents to place advanced orders against your published calendar. mySchool will email your kitchen the production summary on your schedule, typically a few hours before mealtime, to give an accurate, up-to-the-minute account of meals. mySchool can easily handle special events, like Pizza Day or Chick-fil-A Day.


    When families set up their accounts, parents register their credit cards, and the balance is automatically reloaded as needed, removing the need to follow up or track down payments. Parents can also get their real-time meal balances, purchases, and activity notifications.


    Parents can view or even print their student's colorful meal calendar to hang on the fridge, and you can print the meal schedule calendar, so that's one less spreadsheet to keep track of - yay!


    mySchool even provides teacher summaries each morning, so even the teachers know each student's meal needs; no more guessing if little Johnny has a meal.


    mySchool Cafe - Putting some order back into your school lunch program --

    Ya, pretty Kewl! Click here to email us.


    [more information]

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    Robotic Delivery & Sentry

    Never sleeps, always diligent

    Deliver meals, mail, and supplies, or even use one of our robots as a midnight sentry to help give a friendly "face" to those who may be wandering the halls in the wee hours of the night.


    We even have a model that roams and disinfects your environment without assistance on a schedule.


    Robots are not going away, and while your team may not be ready or quite know how to begin this journey, we are here to help navigate the landscape. Give us a call, and let's chat about a roadmap for the future. We love brainstorming.


    Staffing remains a core challenge for 2024 - automation is one of the solutions we should research for our organizations to help reduce the pressure on our staff. Give us a call.


    We have many models available, including models that can travel outdoors. This technology -IS- here, and it can help your organization. Let's talk.


    email: info@newcare.io

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    Vending & Micro-Market

    Offer a Coke and a Smile Even When No One is Around

    Serve your client's beverages, snacks, or even meals 24/7, and see your satisfaction scores rise. Fresh-meal vending is on the rise with some amazing machines.


    Vending & Micro-Markets enable you to extend the hours of your operation with very little increase in overhead. Your clients will appreciate the convenience. With careful planning, your vending solution will even enhance your other retail operations during regular business hours.


    Quench the thirst, don't add hassle

    • Any badging/ card technology
    • Direct, real-time posting to employees & resident accounts
    • Email or Text receipts for purchases, real-time
    • Sales and inventory tracking by vending terminal and location
    • Simple installation and deployment
    • No transaction fee, so even a 25-cent transaction is viable

    Go cashless and even save on those processing fees and post transactions directly to the employee's payroll deduction account or the resident's statement—secure cashless convenience with a smile.


    Click here to email us.

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    Newcare International Headquarters

    Caring today for a better tomorrow

    Central US Office

    Newcare International

    POB 5984

    Brandon, Mississippi 39047

    Phone +1 601.806.2500


    email: info@newcare.io

  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission: to connect and empower you to better serve your clients

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    Wolfgang "Wolf" Scott


    Wolf and the Newcare Team are unified in their mission to provide the absolute best products and services possible. Having spent over 30 years in the hardware & software industry-leading teams and generating products that deliver measurable ROI, he is excited to work with one of the best teams around—former founder at Common CENTS Solutions and now focusing on next-generation technologies from the ground up. Newcare is a fun place to work, and it shows in the faces of the team and the quality of the solutions.


    "We do things somewhat different than other folks in our industry; we care about the success of team-mates and clients - not just the bottom line." When not working with Newcare, Wolf can be found covered in sawdust in his woodshop or with his nose in some tech journal.

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    Courtney Brown

    Quality Services

    Courtney is passionate about quality, which shows in her steadfast pursuit to ensure that Newcare products are the best they can be. Her infectious smile, excitement, and drive are balanced with an ever-present desire to learn and a heart to help the team succeed. From testing solutions, developing new automated processes, and even lending a hand wherever there is a need, Courtney helps Newcare maintain the standard. She pokes, prods, shakes, rattles, and rolls new developments to ensure smooth and reliable product operation. You can find Courtney tweaking a Raspberry PI or learning some new technology when not working.

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    Adrian Turcu

    Director, Research & Development

    Adrian has a diverse background, having worked with companies like SAP, Oracle, and Powerstone Technologies. Adrian loves a good challenge and loves to sink in deep on an issue. He and his team are relentless in finding innovative solutions and always come to the table with amazing insights. I don't believe I have ever heard him say the word impossible -- I think I've heard "you're insane" a few times, though. When not working with Newcare, Adrian can be found ... um, well -- coding. :)

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    Sam Williams

    Director, Client & Quality Services

    Sams's commitment to customer success is one of his endearing traits. Sam brings 20+ years of quality software and hardware support to the Newcare team, working with companies like IBM, Oracle, and Micros. Sam and the team are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that issues are not just resolved but truly fixed. When not helping clients, you may find Sam on his boat at his favorite fishing hole. (with his cell on) :)

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    Brenda Miller

    Director, Community Building Services

    Brenda's friendly smile and quick wit keep things lively on the Newcare team. Never a dull moment. Brenda keeps things running smoothly during the implementation process, which sometimes is no small feat, and she enjoys that moment when all the stars align, and go-live puts a smile on the client's face. When not working with the Newcare team, Brenda can be found riding horses or working 4-H events.

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    Bernard Burrage

    Board Member

    Bernard brings a wealth of business management and practical experience to the Newcare team. His "can-do" attitude and jovial demeanor are a pleasure to be around. Bernard's contribution to the management team helps them to forge forward, encouraging each member to achieve their very best. Having spent over 30 years in business management and entrepreneurial roles he knows what it takes to build, run and grow a successful business and at his core is the belief in outstanding customer service. When not working with Newcare, Bernard loves to be in a deer stand or out on his tractor.

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    Charlie Buntyn

    Board Member

    Charlie knows business and how to keep things moving forward. His direct approach is always welcome in meetings as he has a great ability to get to the heart of matters quickly. His ability for quick assessment is balanced with a great attitude of caring and coaching. When not attending Newcare board meetings, you could find Charlie sailing in BVI or perhaps out building furniture in his woodshop.

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    Tom Bunting

    Board Member

    Tom has a true desire to match needs with creative solutions and has been an innovator for companies like NCR, Burroughs, Valley Services, and a former founder at Common CENTS Solutions. Desiring to forge innovative solutions and pioneer creative products that bring exceptional value through an organization that believes at its core that caring for the customer is central to success, has teamed with Newcare. Tom's vision and uncanny ability to streamline processes set Tom apart in this industry. His heart is to serve, and his contribution to Newcare and its clients has aligned Newcare as an industry leader in Senior Care.

    When not working with Newcare, Tom can be found on the golf course or tinkering in his yard.

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    Robert "Bob" Gross

    Board Member

    Bob comes from the energy industry and has served in numerous positions over his distinguished carrier. His experience with the nuclear power segment has helped Newcare streamline processes with attention to the little things. Like the saying, "the small foxes spoil the vine," Bob helps bring a level of clarity to the team and always has a smile and a word of encouragement. When not working with Newcare, Bob enjoys restoring antique cars or just tinkering with things around the house.

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    Marc Martin

    Board Member

    Service is Marc's middle name. Marc has deep experience in the construction and software industry and brings that experience to the Newcare team along with this warm and friendly smile. Always approachable and eager to help in any capacity and hearing his laugh down the halls always brightens the mood. When not working with Newcare, Marc can be found fixing just about anything.

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